Doggy Rotten Daycare (formerly known as the Bark-O-Lounge)

237 Hermitage Ave
Nashville, Tennessee 37210

Hours of Operation
7am – 7pm
Monday – Friday

*The daycare is closed on the following holidays (Boarding is still provided):

Memorial Day

Labor Day

New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Independence Day – July 4

Thanksgiving & Day After

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day


Boarding is 24 hours 7 days a week and is a completely kennel-free slumber party. It is $45 per night (1/2 off for each additional dog) and includes day care. Because they are in a free-roaming group setting, a one day evaluation is required (free of charge) to ensure they are well-socialized and possess the ability to live in harmony with the rest of the pack. Once they’re part of the family, just bring some food and a jammin’ mix-tape and go on your vacation worry-free.


1) Dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

2) Dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations: distemper/parvo, (Dhlpp), bordetella & rabies. Titers are also accepted.

3) All dogs must be in good health and have not been ill with any communicable ailments in the last 15 days before entering Doggy Rotten Daycare.

4) Dogs that have been ill within 15 days will require a veterinary certificate of health in order to be readmitted.

5) Dogs must not be aggressive.

6) Dogs must not be food or toy possessive.

7) Dogs must be on a flea/tick preventive program. Administer flea/tick medication 2 days before returning to Doggy Rotten.

8) Flea collars are unacceptable.

9) You must submit an application and your dog must pass the evaluation process to attend Doggy Rotten.

10) All dogs must wear a collar.

11) Unfortunately, due to liability and safety issues, we cannot accept the following breeds: pit bulls, rottweilers, chows or staffordshire bull terriers.

12) Dogs must arrive no later than 10:00 am. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!.

13. $10.00 fee for any dog picked up after 7:00pm. After 7pm, they automatically board

Day care is included in boarding prices except pick up day. Dogs picked up before 1:00 pm are charged for a 1/2 day of daycare; dogs picked up after 1:00 pm are charged a full day of daycare.



Regular Rates:

Daily pass $25 for 1 day

5-day pass $115 –you save $10!

10-day pass $225 –you save $25!

20-day pass $400 –you save $100 – that’s like a free week!

30-day pass $525 –you save $225 that’s almost 2 free weeks!

We offer multiple dog discounts!

1-day pass: 1st dog $25 / 2nd dog $12.50

5-day pass: 1st dog $115 / 2nd dog $57.50

10-day pass: 1st dog $225 / 2nd dog $112.50

20-day pass: 1st dog $400 / 2nd dog $200

30-day pass: 1st dog $525 / 2nd dog $262.50*

Daycare packages do not have to be used on consecutive days.

*You must own both dogs for this rate!

Packages do not expire.

About Doggy Rotten

Find out more...

Who we are

The best doggie day care in Nashville! Doggy Rotten is independently owned, uses all natural products, gives personalized service and simply rocks. When you bring your best friend to Doggy Rotten Daycare, you can go about your day knowing that belly rubs, playtime, and love will be provided free of charge and with great enthusiasm. We do not store dogs in crowded, windowless rooms only to have them go home and chew up the carpet. The folks at Doggy Rotten Daycare take great pride in ensuring there is ample room for every dog to play so that they can go home feeling relaxed and calm.

What We Do

Constant Supervision100%

Free Snuggles100%

Maintain a Safe and Clean Environment100%

Leave Your Dog Alone0%

Kennel Dogs0%

Why People Love Doggy Rotten



Doggy Rotten Daycare is locally owned and operated in the heart of Nashville. We are not a chain doggie daycare, nor do we ever plan to be. This establishment was created to provide dog owners of Davidson County a place where love and compassion are the values by which we measure success.



We use only non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products. No one will ever walk into Doggy Rotten Daycare and see the place unkempt or unorganized. Additionally, WE DO NOT SMELL! How many doggie daycares can say that, really? Everyone who works at Doggy Rotten Daycare is meticulous in keeping the place so clean the Pope could eat off the floor.



A client of ours put it best when she said that she knows the instant her pug, Bunk, realizes that he is coming to Doggy Rotten by how he jolts to life with excitement in the car and won’t settle down until he walks through our doors. Never bored and never without friends, our dogs truly love us, which makes their owners love us even more.

Meet the Band

Bark the establishment

The dogs run the show. Scrunchy faces, curly tails, big babies, and goofballs keep the excitement going and the fun non-stop!


Lead Singer

The original Queen Bee!


Guitar Hero

Magic and mystique.



Up-and-coming talent.



No dumb blonde jokes, please!

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